You Got Mail - YGM

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You Got Mail Game 

Pick from one of 3 mailboxes with the letters TSG.

You could win:  


2 Sifts and 1 Cage

2 Sifts and 1 Locket

2 Sifts and 2 Cages

3 Sifts and 1 Cage

3 Sifts and 1 Locket


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Written by Stephanie Roll on May 23rd 2020

YGM is awesome! Well worth the prices! I love the anticipation of getting 'the big' card!

Review of YGM
Written by Angela Cavill on May 18th 2020

I absolutely love TSG. All the girls are great. And the gems are stunning. I think YGM is my favorite. Thank you TSG. i love you!!!!!

Written by Stephanie Roll on May 13th 2020

YGM is so good!! You can get such great game, definitely worth the money. This is one f my favorites!

YGM Review
Written by Stephanie Roll on May 4th 2020

I love the YGM game! You definitely get a great outcome. It is one of my favorite games at Treasured Sand Gemstones.

Gems and lockets.
Written by Angela Cavill on Feb 4th 2020

I absolutely love everything I get from you. So beautiful and so addicting.

Written by Amelia Garcia on Nov 14th 2019

I loved this game because it gave me a chance on getting gems and a locket for my first time and I did !!!! I love my gems and guitar locket can’t wait to get my next order!

YGM Review
Written by Samantha Campton on Jul 18th 2019

This is probably my favorite game to play!! I’ve never been disappointed in my YGM prizes

Written by Kandy Baird on Jun 2nd 2019

Love The Gem Squad and of course the GEMS!!!!

Written by Susan Ashworth on May 21st 2019

Love this game. But I love all the games. All the ladies are amazing. And the gems are to die for.

Written by Susan Ashworth on May 12th 2019

Love all the ladies. Love the games. Love the amazing gems.

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