Can you tell me more about the gemstones?


Our gems are certified natural precious and semi-precious gemstones.  Some have been enhanced to create a more desirable color and increase the value of the gemstones, such as the azotic twilight topaz and the mystic topaz. We do have Authentic Lab Created Gemstones.


Our gemstones come from a Certified Gemologist, however we can not guarantee that pawnshops or even all jewelry stores will give an accurate appraisal. 


Determining value is best done through appraisal from a Certified Gemologist as there are a variety of factors that influence the value, including type, color, clarity, carat weight (“size”) and cut.  


However, an appraiser will not factor in the excitement and entertainment of uncovering your gemstones Live, which we think is the best part!


Locket Care Instructions:


-    Use a soft cloth (we recommend a jewelry polishing cloth) and allow to air dry. Avoid chemical agents as those can damage your locket.



-   Be careful when adding new gems, charms, locket plates, etc. to your locket; do so over a tray or cloth to ensure you do not loose any merchandise.

 Be sure your locket is closed to keep your merchandise safe.

-  Be sure all merchandise is laying flat and not to big for the locket.

Do not force the locket closed.

-  Do not wear lockets when in water, exercising, sleeping, or during any other activity that could damage your locket. 




  • Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, we ship worldwide!!  Shipping is $14 for countries outside the US.  Some countries charge customs fees which you will have to pay to receive your package, we are not responsible for any customs fees which may be applied.  


  • How long does it take to receive my order?

Shipping within the US takes 10-14 business days.  International shipping will take 13-19 business days due to the distance shipped, and custom processes.  We cannot guarantee shipping time once it has left the USA.




  • Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final, we offer no returns, exchanges or refunds.  


  • I placed multiple orders, can they be combined?

Absolutely!  When you open your order on Live, your Consultant will combine all your orders and open them at once. Your orders will only ship together when opened during the same show with the same consultant.


  • I wanted the Special, but ordered the single item instead of the Special.

Unfortunately, in order to get the Special, the special that is posted HAS to be purchased.


  • If I order during the Live show will it be opened live on that show?

All live openings go by order number, in chronological order.  We cannot guarantee that if you place an order that you will have your order opened the SAME day.


  • Can I request a certain consultant or a certain day ahead of time?

Specific requests can be made using the Order Instructions/Comments Section during the Check out process. The Only Exception to this is ordering any Shelbi or Flash Specials, those must be opened with the consultant on at the time of the order, on the day i


Facebook Live Show:


  • Can I request a certain consultant or certain day?

Yes, if you would like to request a certain consultant, please select your consultant when you add your game or product to the cart.  If you would like a specific day or show, please add your request to the Notes Section at checkout.


  • If I preorder for a show, will I be at the top of the lineup?

All show lineups go in the order that they are placed.  If you preorder in advance, you will be ahead of someone who purchased later in the week than you.  You will have a higher chance of being at the very top of the Line Up the earlier in advance you order.


  • I missed my name being called on the Live show, now what . . . ?

We will never open your order unless you are present.  If your name has been called on the Live Show, are you are not there, we will put your order on the Still Looking For list.  Just hop on the Live show, and let us know you are on the list, and we will add you back into the lineup.


  • I keep commenting on the Facebook Live, but no one is answering me.

Facebook Live often filters comments, which are then not seen by the consultant, Admin, or even other commenting viewers.  If you add an Emoji to your comment, your comment will show up.  If you feel that your comment is being filtered by Facebook and you have an pressing question or concern please message our Page and an Admin will respond and help you.  We will never intentionally ignore our viewers!


Order Issues:



  • Missing Items In Your Order:


Once your order has been delivered please promptly check your order and make sure you have all of your items that should have arrived with that order. In the event that you are missing an item please message the page on Facebook within 7 days of your package being delivered. After 7 days we will not honor or replace any missing items after 7 days from date of delivery.



  • Damaged or Defective Items:

 We offer a 30 day warranty from the date of delivery on all your items. This is providing that you used the items as described and did not modify or change the items. This means only putting gems in cages or lockets that are at the recommended size and carat weight for that item, and using them as intended. Please keep records of your orders and if you come into a issue with your order we can easily verify your orders warranty and help the replacement process move smoother for both you and us. Just send the page a message on Facebook and an admin will help you. Please make sure to send a photo of your damaged item with your message so we can verify and help the replacement process along. If you have a damaged ring from the fizzies you MUST send back the tag with the ring in order to receive a credit to refizz a new ring.



If you have any questions or concerns, please message our Facebook page, and an Admin will respond quickly.