Returns Policy


If you receive an item that was damaged during shipping or you need help with an item, please Message our Facebook Page with your order number, details and a picture and we will respond quickly to your message. We are not responsible for damage that has occurred from use. You cannot dispute an order charge that is over 3 months since purchased. We have a 30 day guarantee on items purchased as long as the damage was not due to misuse of the items. Inspect your orders on arrival and contact us immediately with problems or concerns. If a ring is damaged you must send the ring and tag for the ring back to the main office in order to receive a credit to refizz a new ring.



We can ship to virtually any address in the world. When you place an order, we will usually ship within 10-14 business days! We do not have control of shipping times once we have shipped your order out.

Shipping is $5 in the USA, and $14 International. If you are going to place a SECOND order in the SAME show, message the page for a free shipping code BEFORE you place your second order.



We offer insurance to be added onto any order you place. we offer the following insurance options to add onto your order.

  • Insurance coverage for your order up to $100.00
  • Insurance coverage for your order up to $300.00
  • Insurance coverage for your order up to $500.00
  • Insurance coverage for your order over $500.00

This is an optional service but note that if you choose not to purchase insurance that once your order leaves our shipping facility we are no longer liable for lost, stolen or damaged packages/items. All insurance claims must be made through USPS and follow their rules and restrictions. Stolen Packages once delivered are not covered. Please visit the link below on USPS terms of package insurance and claims.