Treasured Sand Gemstones Facebook Lives

Place your order and our consultants will open your order on Facebook Live. We post the shows lineups (made by the order placed) 30 minutes before the show starts.  Check out our monthly show schedule below. 

Like and Follow Treasured Sand Gemstones on Facebook to be notified of when the lineup is posted and for Live show notifications.

Treasured Sand Gemstones Facebook Live shows are a fun and entertaining experience.

Our Admins work hard to create a fun, interactive and entertaining experience on the Live shows for both the customers and viewers.  We do not allow negativity, vulgar comments, ‘mad faces’ or for viewers to ask for gifts on the live shows.  

To help the consultants, customers, and Admins please do not correct the consultant or repeat the customers comment picks.  If any negative, rude or vulgar comment is made please, please ignore the comment and do not engage.  Our Admins work hard to keep those comments off our shows and engaging just brings more attention to the rudeness and off of the consultant and customer.  If you feel that you were accidentally banned from the Live video, please message the page and we will work quickly to correct the issue!

FB Live Comments

If you are commenting on the Live and no on is answering, add an emoji to your comment and it will show up!  If you feel that your comment is being filtered by Facebook and you have an pressing question or concern please message our Page and an Admin will respond and help you.

We will never intentionally ignore you, but with so many viewers and comments, it is hard for the consultant to read and answer each and every comment on our Live shows.  If you ask a question, the consultant may be too busy to answer, but an Admin is always happy to help answer any question you may have. 

FB Live Show Tips

  • Preorder early to be higher in the lineup.
  • If your name has been called on the Live Show, and you are not there, we will put your name on the Still Looking For list.  Just hop on the Live show, and let us know you are on the Still Looking For List, and we will add you back into the lineup.
  • If you would like to request a certain consultant, please select your consultant when you add your game or product to the cart.  If you would like a specific day or show, please add your request to the Comments Section at checkout.