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size: 1.00 W × 1.00 H × 1.00 L


You get 5 coins for $25!! Buy as many sets as you would like!! The coins will be shown 5 at a time depending on how many sets you get!

Winnings can be as follows:

5 Dud's = Pair of Earrings (this winning can change up randomly) & an entry into the monthly giveaway!!

You could also win anywhere from Mystery Charms, Cages, Lockets, Sifts, Sets, to a Fizzy!! There are replay coins!! You may get a $5 off code, which is fun since you can choose to reinvest or keep the code but choose wisely if you decide to reinvest! 

Don't worry: if you don't win the value of what you paid, you get one of those gemazing Shelbi Dive Cage to equal the value! WE GUARANTEE the value of the game, which is unheard of!! 


It's time to try your luck with the Coin Vault today!! 


*No codes or credits allowed!

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