Baby Shark Game

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Game description: You pick Baby Shark 1-4 in which you can win 2,3,4, or 5 "Baby Gems" what you win is what you keep!

By Baby Gems we mean those tiny little gems that are perfect for the following lockets:
Ring Lockets: L47, L48, L49, L50
Earring Lockets: L54
Dangle Bracelet Lockets: L59, L60, L61, L62

Locket: L126, L127

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Love my babies
Written by Emily Harris on Jan 31st 2020

Such a fun game and I love the little gems you can get. I got a heart cut that is just awesome.

Baby Shark
Written by Tish Porter on May 15th 2019

This game gives you more bang for your buck! You get the opportunity to win 2 to 5 gems with just this one purchase. Easy to play (pick a number) and win gems! So much fun!!

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